Shimla India
Shimla comes alive with the celebration of the Summer Festival. Read on about the famous Summer Festival that takes pace in Simla, India.

Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla Summer FestivalThe best reason to visit Shimla during summers has to be the famous Summer Festival that is held every year in the month of May. This famous festival is a riot of colors and festivity and is celebrated on a grand scale. The Summer Festival in Simla is a beautiful amalgamation of various talented people of India who make it an event that is remembered for a long time to come. The numerous festivities and the variety of programmes that are organized make the Summer Festival a fun and enjoyable event.

The events are truly enjoyable and there is something to suit the talent of every individual. There is a sports tournament with a variety of activities for both children as well as adults. Colorful flower shows are organized, which add fun and color to the whole atmosphere thus making it even livelier. The local artists give performance in music and dance and every day, a famous personality is called to perform on the stage.

Enthusiastic school children also take part in the festivities and many competitions are organized for their amusement and enjoyment. These children also put up various cultural acts and performances and the Summer Festival acts as a stage to showcase their talent and skills. Other events include photography competition, poster-making competition and a fashion show that showcases the talent of local designers. The unique thing about this fashion show is that it showcases folk dresses. The Summer Festival is the perfect time to indulge in festivity and celebration.