Shimla India
Tipping in Shimla is almost a tradition like anywhere. Read on further to know how to tip in Simla.

Shimla Tipping

Shimla TippingTipping in Shimla is a norm like it is anywhere else in India and the world. Though there is no fixed rate or amount for tipping, places like restaurants and hotels expect that you leave some tip. High-end hotels and restaurants expect that you tip at least 10% of the bill, in case service charges are not added. For more information on how to tip in Simla, please read on further.

In hotels, you are expected to tip the maintenance staff, the bellhop (luggage carrier) and the person who brings you food in your room. In case you ask for extra services, you are expected to tip some amount for that also. While traveling, it is not customary to tip the cab driver. The amount can be rounded off and a small tip can be given if the services are exceptionally good. Also, if you are hiring a cab for an entire day, it is expected that you give a small tip. The people here are very friendly and even a small tip will be accepted with a generous "Thank You".