Shimla India
Shimla travel tips will make traveling to Shimla more interesting and hassle free.

Shimla Travel Tips

Shimla is a beautiful place and your trip will be very enjoyable if you keep in mind the various tips for traveling to Shimla. These useful tips for traveling in Simla will come handy anytime and at any place. While traveling to any place, these travel tips will come in handy at any time. All that is required is presence of mind and a bit of logical thinking! So read on further this section that has been aptly titled as "Shimla Travel Tips".
  • Take all necessary medicines and prescribed drugs with yourself. In case of an emergency situation, you will not have to run here and there.
  • Do not eat raw and cut fruits from outside. Make sure you eat from a decent restaurant and drink bottled mineral water.
  • Take care of your luggage and watch out for over friendly strangers. They may offer help in the sweetest manner and vanish with your baggage.
  • In case of an illness, please visit the nearest doctor or hospital and get yourself checked. Do not let an illness aggravate in an unknown place.
  • Always carry copies of your passport, identity proof and other essential documents. You never know when you might need them.
  • Do not get illegal stuff or banned substances into the place. That includes arms, ammunition, illegal drugs and other unlawful substance.
  • Respect the local traditions and try not to offend the people over there. People in Shimla or anywhere in India are fiercely protective of their religion and any threat to it is met with raging tempers.