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Check out tips for handling tourist guides in Shimla and know how to deal with them.

Tourist Guide in Shimla

Tourist Guide in ShimlaGetting a tourist guide in Shimla is not at all a problem. However, one must always exercise caution while dealing with Shimla tourist guides. Though these guides are dedicated professionals and trustworthy, it is always better be alert all the time. It is always better to hire a tourist guide while moving around and touring a new place. These guides are very helpful and have a knack for making your trip not just interesting but also memorable. Read on further for more information on tips for handling Simla guides.
  • Always hire a guide from a trusted travel agency. If you are staying in a hotel, ask the staff to arrange a guide for you.
  • Always fix the amount to be paid to the guide before embarking on the journey. This will avoid any confusion later on.
  • Avoid exhibiting too much cash and rolls of money in front of them. Do not disclose the amount of money you are carrying with you.
  • Keep your credit cards and other cash receipts with yourself and do not hand it over to them for any reason.
  • It is okay to mingle around freely with them but keep a distance between. Do not let dominate you or take you for granted.
  • When moving around with guides, try to carry minimal luggage with you. This is because moving around with them becomes easy as the responsibility of looking after luggage is not there.
  • Remember that you are paying them for their services. If not satisfied, ask them for more information and demand better services.
  • Pay them at the end of the day when you feel satisfied by their services. It is not mandatory to tip, though if the service has been exceptionally good, you may give them Rs.50 more than the amount decided before.